120 V 20A Circuits 8 Outlet -Transtector  OP8-20

OP 8 20B Outlet Panel - Computer Surge Protectors

The OP8-20B is a power distribution panel designed with eight individually fused surge protected 120Vac / 20A circuits. The SPD is Motorola R56 Compliant and UL Listed. The OP8-20B uses patented silicon avalanche suppressor diode (SASD) technology to achieve low voltage protection levels at high induced surge currents. Each of the eight outlets is supplied by a dedicated AC feed, and features a 20A fuse and replaceable surge suppression module that plugs directly onto the internal PCB. The status of each dedicated circuit is displayed by eight LED's on the front of the enclosure. The OP8-20B offers flexible mounting options.

Specifications for Transtector OP8-20

120 Vac
Mount Type
Rack Mount
UL Listed Controlled 47TJ, IEEE Category A, R56 Surge Type-3 Dedicated Circuit Protection
NEMA 5-20
Weight (kg)
2.8 kg
Weight (lb)
Dimensions (cm)
12.1 cm x 47.0 cm x 4.9 cm
Dimensions (inches)
18.5" x 4.75" x 2.18"
Motorola Part