277/480 Vac, 4-Pole, 3-Phases Wye, 5-Wire SPD - Transtector I2R-75KYG480

The I2R-75KYG480 uses thermally protected MOV technology for industrial applications requiring 277/480 Vac, 3-phase wye requirements.

Through superior design, each I2R combines a robust 75 kA surge capacity that also eliminates back up fusing requirements thus providing network operators with a quick to install, safe, and reliable product set for AC network surge protection.


  • Safe-fail, self-protected design
  • No additional overcurrent protection devices or back up fusing required
  • Reverse chassis direction capability allows cable entry from top to bottom
  • Remote visual status indication
  • IP 20 finger-safe design
  • VPL L-N 1000 Vac, L-G 1500 Vac, N-G 600 Vac, L-L 2000 Vac
  • Replacement modules available order part number I2R-75KR277 for L1, L2 and L3.  Order I2R-75KR120 for N-G

Specifications for Transtector I2R-75KYG480

277/480 Vac
Mount Type
DIN rail
L-N 320 Vac, L-G 495 Vac, N-G 175 Vac, L-L 640 Vac
Weight (lb)
1.15 lb
Dimensions (inches)
4.0 x 2.76 x 2.78